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Passion for Healthcare

We develop telehealth applications for healthcare providers. Contact us if you have a question or want to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Why Us?

Innovati Remote Patient Monitoring and Portal 724 has a well-deserved reputation for implementing various care coordination platforms for the last decade. The Founder of Portal 724 while at Panasonic in 1999, was the technical lead for the first USA- Telehealth Pilot with the VA.

Portal 724 founding company is a pioneer in the US Telehealth Industry. Our experience is vast and diverse and gained from working with independent practitioners to hospitals systems to ACO’s to FQHC’s etc. on a national basis in multiple clinical settings.

Our platforms currently manage several thousands of patients on an ongoing basis and our ever-expanding team of clinical professionals ensures that all programs are implemented in strict compliance with CMS guidelines. FDA approved Medical Devices / HIPAA compliant infrastructures

Provider of turnkey solutions also include all tools for patient engagement and education, necessary clinical staff on our payroll, customizable practice workflows which seamlessly integrate various programs without disrupting the office daily workflow or increasing the workload of staff and providers and billing support for all services rendered.

Developer of Telehealth Applications , Provider of Secure Private Healthcare Cloud and Provider of Provider of Comprehensive Telehealth kit-in-a-box to be used by patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Medicare CPT Codes and Frequencies


With the 99453 CMS CPT Code, physicians will be reimbursed for starting an RPM. There is reimbursement of approximately $19 for setting up connected blood pressure cuffs, glucose meters, scales, and more. Through this reimbursement, patients can be trained on how to use the connected devices to monitor chronic illnesses such as COPD, diabetes, and hypertension as well as acute illnesses like COVID-19.

19. $ 18.80


One Time – RPM, Patient Education


This includes FDA-approved or cleared equipment as well as device supply with programmed alerts and daily recordings. With the 99454 CMS’ CPT Code, physicians will be reimbursed for the daily patient monitoring using RPM. Every day, patients use connected healthcare devices (oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, and more) which transfer data to healthcare professionals.

This will show the physician critical changes in a patient’s illness. This way, new treatments can be started before the illness becomes more serious.



Every 30 days

Minimum of 16 days of monitoring


With the 99457 CMS CPT Code, patients will have access to specific care professionals aside such as a physician. A clinician will spend 20 minutes in a month on physiologic monitoring treatment management or care management services. The clinician will also be reimbursed.

The 20-minute duration is combined for the entire month and does not require a patient visit. This ensures that the data being provided is keeping the patient healthy while he or she receives treatment.



Every 30 days

Minimum of 16 days of monitoring


The collection and interpretation of patient data by QHCP ( Qualified Healthcare Professional ; minimum 30 min/month

Even though the 99457 CMS CPT Code will reimburse physicians for the first 20 minutes of patient interaction, it is the 99458 that will cover the additional time a patient might need. This ensures patients who are being treated with chronic illnesses can receive extra care by the team of care professionals working through remote patient monitoring to keep patients healthy.



Up to 2 X per month 30 days

$ 77.78


The collection and interpretation of patient data by QHCP; minimum 30 min/month

The 99091 CMS CPT Code is the first one used for RPM. Physicians cannot bill for codes 99458 and 99457 in conjunction with 99091. Not requiring a direct patient interaction, 99091 involves 30 minutes from a qualified physician or healthcare provider. Finally, 99091 has a wider range of connected devices allowed compared with other codes.



  • Augment your plan of care and facilitate better health outcomes for your patients by analyzing health vitals in real time
  • Reduce re-hospitalizations or ER visits by responding timely to clinical alerts from RPM program
  • Facilitate better med compliance and achievement of target health vitals by reviewing vital data trends
  • Better allocation and improved efficiency of resources by identifying patients in high risk or rising risk categories based on real time health data
  • Introduce your Assisted Living Facilities to RPM services at no cost to them by highlighting your practice’s effort for superior medical services
  • ALF’s improve their market reputation by integrating RPM services for their residents and educating family members of residents on RPM benefits. Family members will be at ease knowing their loved one is under consistent medical supervision and timely, attentive care is available.
  • Complete training and ongoing support are provided for the appointed Technician handling the monitoring at the community facilities
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